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Let us have a look at why LINKS are so crucial to our overall online marketing strategy.


Very simply a backlink is a link from one URL to another URL. If a link is from a high-quality source it can help increase a site's ranking position.

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Educate your audience

Too often I forget to explain what a backlink is. Simply put it is a hyperlink on one website that links back to your website. Backlinks can also be called links, inbound links, incoming links or inward links.
Backlinks just like wiki

Positive user experience

A link from one URL to another URL can be very powerful. Especially when the first URL has some quality content and you are referencing a sub-topic. Wikipedia does this very well. There links are all in blue.

Anchor Text

Often, the text that is doing the actual link is styled differently. usually, it is a different colour, in italics or underlined. The intent is to advise the reader that if you click it you will be directed to a different URL.
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Quality Backlinks are easy

Quality Backlinks

Websites are not equal! A 15-year old's personal blog is very different to that of CNN. A link from the CNN website will be much better. Why? Because a website that has many websites linking to it will have a high score. Few backlinks is probably a low score.

Do It Yourself Backlinks

Great user experience - How can I do that

One way to do this is to COLLABORATE. Maybe you are in a community where you know some other companies who do similar services to yours.

When you write some new content consider including a paragraph on a lateral service that your community offers. Then approach your community member for an opportunity for you to reference or link to their website from your article. Then when they next write some content they could consider linking to another community member. That way the community is helping each other out and eventually you will receive a link back.

Giving is always the answer and when you get your link back one day the trust could be very powerful.

Backlink Example

When you find a website that you are sure has some nice articles, you know it is good. When you suspect that the website must have some good links coming to it, I mean how else did you find it. It was not on the top of a search engine page!

Go and get some insight and genuinely comment and leave your site as a link. Don't overthink it, don't get distracted and take action.
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Building backlinks takes a lot of effort and time. It takes dedication and focused effort.

Resource: Type this into google search - your keyword goes here +"blog comment"

Then find websites that you think are reputable and authoritative that offer the option to leave a comment with the option of a link. Test previous comments for active links.

Remember Quality over Quantity. Links from a subject similar to your website is better.

I like this saying - imperfect action is better than no action.
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