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Written Text or Content is KING

Written Text or Content is KING and number one
Lets have a look at why content is to crucial to our overall online marketing strategy.




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Educate your audience

The experience that your user has when they arrive and navigate through your website is tracked. For example, if the user has a question and your website is considered an authoritative source to answer the question, it will be placed higher in rankings.

If your competitor experience answers the same question better than you they will continue to be placed higher in rankings for the same question. This is because the user experience was considered better on the competitor's website.

Positive user experience

Here is an example. A user searched using a search engine. Spent some time on your website. Then did not search the same search again. That is considered positive user experience.

Evergreen Content

Content that is Evergreen is optimised to be relevant for a long time. If your readers are reading "fresh" text it adds to their experience on your website. Evergreen content stays relevant long past the day you published it. This will increase search traffic over time.
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AuthoritativAe content

A unique and informed perspective is authoritative content. It is valuable insight for your readers. It must be easy to read and understand. It is at a perfect level of depth for your reader.

DIY Content

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What do People also ask for?
Content Tips

People also ask

Top Hot tip is People also ask. Why this tells us that if you right content around these headings you are sure to be in line to answer the questions your customers are asking.

Become the authoritative source for the question. Write content that is in-depth and easy to understand. Try to cover every aspect of the subject. Try to think of other things the same user will want to be answered. Perhaps your user has not thought of it yet and so surprise them by adding it to your content.

Some tips to consider when writing great authoritative content!

Content is all about the users experience. Know that content is King.

The first step.
Always educate your audience, try and put yourself in their shoes and think about what you know. Write is all down! The experience that a user has on your website is tracked. As an example your user has a question. When your website answers that question it is considered an authoritative source. This will result on your website being ranked higher. The user experience is better on your website. This is a positive user experience.

The second step.
Evergreen content is relevant for a long time. If the content is "fresh and Evergreen" this is the best experience for your user. Consider relevant questions that your user has not yet thought of. Cover it all on your website.
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Industry Leaders

Follow your leader

Find a Leader in your niche. Someone that inspires you and has a high net worth. Then you know that they have done it right.

Follow their methodology and you will surely start to bridge the gap.
These days you will often see that they are answering questions, giving tips or comparing something.

Think about your customer and what they want to read about or what questions they want to be answered and completely dominate the topic in your content.

Writing content and checking plagiarism

When writing content consider writing from your users perspective. In this example there are two steps that work well together. Always try and write shorter sentences to get your point across.

Consider using a tool to check readability score. Secondly always check for plagiarism. Unique and fresh content is always a bonus for a users perspective.
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