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When you operate a hospitality service, the only thing you can concern yourself with is preventing room vacancies. However, how many occasions has someone bemoaned having to pay with not knowing what the rooms looked like first?

Those traveling on holiday watch every cent, and it doesn’t take much for them to question their stay. When you hire a photography staff with experience in using 360 image film, however, you can alleviate doubt from more consumers.

Part of what makes 360 Degree Pro better than the average photographer is our ability to create interactive virtual space. For example, with any room or building. From crafting a better street view for Google Maps to three-dimensional images, there is nothing that we can’t capture on film.

Whatever amenities or features set you apart from other lodging choices, we can ensure that the world sees it all. Contact us today and see what photos shot in 360 image film can do for your business.
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Google My Business

Single Google My Business 360 Image - R200
Google My Business 360 Image Batch From - R650
Google My Business Custom Tour - R750 with USD $200 per year hosting

360 Image for Website

Single 360 Image for website - R250 (monthly hosting from R45)
Batch 360 Images for Website  From - R950 (monthly hosting from R45)
Custom Tour for website From - R2500 (monthly hosting from R45)

Custom 360 tour - example

Why Virtual Listings?

Consumers today have more tools to access information, and on occasion, they know more about your property than you, `yourself might realize. Tax records, social media, community wiki sites, and more, all seem to pull data from every which way.

And while that can lead to smarter purchasing decisions, it doesn’t do much to keep buyers at ease. Unless they see the value that you can provide them, they still can’t be sure that they found the right hotel.

By having them step into the interactive virtual space of a 3D image, however, they’ll see everything to scale as if they were standing within the room. Whether they are using advanced virtual reality headsets or their phone, they will find virtual immersive experiences anywhere you prefer.

We can help them see themselves relaxing inside their spacious, private suite or mingling in the lobby with others. Whatever features you wish to highlight, we bring them all to life quickly.
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Google My Business for Virtual Immersive Experiences in an interactive virtual space

Safari Lodge 360 Images

Operating a local safari lodge is a primary reason to have three-dimensional photos snapped on your property. Between the interior décor pieces and the wildlife outside, safari lodge 360 images help drive attendance.

When a potential guest sees the species that you have around the lodge in realistic virtual spaces, the only thing that could be better is experiencing it in person. From broad sunset photos to up close and personal images of animals, your lodge stays the best play to photograph.
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Google My Business
Google My Business has google trusted photographer options, this 360 image was taken by 360 Degree Pro in South Africa
Lodge 3D images
Whether you intend to show off what they could enjoy from the back of a Jeep, or what they may enjoy onsite, we can capture every detail. When guests already feel like they’re in your lodge, it only makes it easier for them to book a room.

No matter what establishment you operate or the property’s amenities, we guarantee a better way to show it to the world. If you aren’t generating booking with your standard online images, then it’s time to have 360 Degree Pro photograph your best features today.
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