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Mentions and Citations


Mentions and Citations
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Online Authority

Online authority

As a reference to Links search engines use Citations and Mentions when evaluating the online AUTHORITY of your business

Unlike Links, Mentions and Citations don't need to be linked to your website in order to gain AUTHORITY for them.
Use a search engine to find your mentions and citation websites

Where do we find Citations and why?

Citations and Mentions are on business directories, on websites, apps and social platforms.

Citations help your users to discover your business and can help with rankings. it is common for an Online Presence Academy to manage many citations at one time.

A Core Platform for a business Citation is Google My Business. An industry-specific platform can be websites dedicated to professional associations. Other Citations on the web can include marketing platforms. It is wise to have a spread.

Sometimes citations naturally appear and so it is always important to be the proactive online business as inaccuracy of citations or can negatively affect local search rankings.

Why does it matter?

The total number of Citations, the accuracy of the information and the quality all count to influence rankings. This data is all amassed data. When all the data across the web is accurate it can strengthen the business online presence.

Imagine when a search engine has crawled your site and calculated that your content is Authoritative. Then it sees Links to your website from other websites it already trusts. Then is sees Citations of your business on other online platforms. It creates a great Authority and trusts your website more than that of your competition.
I want to order Citations
Why do Citations Matter. Well adding your Name, address and Phone number to Authority websites already ranking for your niche top keywords you gain authority


Building Citations takes a lot of effort and time. It takes dedication and focused effort.

Resource: Look for citations sites on Google when you type in keywords.

Then find websites that you think are reputable and authoritative that offer the option to join or list your business on their directory. Then add your business to the directory.

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Citation Example and Vital step

When doing your Citations always do more than your competition has. If you don't know how many your competition has then do as many as you can and as often as you can.

Once you have completed your Citation and checked the contents for plagiarism, there is a Vital step that is needed.

Some directories have many new sign-ups per day. It is Vital that your Citation does not get lost in that whirlpool.

Have a look at this video and find out what you can do as a Vital Step to make your Citation worth while.

Citation Vital step explained

When doing your Citations make sure to put some quality into your Citation. Take care of it and give it some love at least four times a year!

Once you have completed your Citation and checked the contents for plagiarism, there is a Vital step that is needed.

Check that your Citation is indexed. Watch the Video for the explanation and how to get your Citation (or any other URL) indexed.
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